Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

Wow, what a weekend.

It all started Thursday afternoon when I went to the dentist to get my cavities replaced. A little sore. After the freezing wore off I realized the soreness wasn't from my teeth but from my dentist pulling on cheek. Anyways, the rest of the night, Pete and I got together to go over some acoustic songs.

Saturday was pretty weird. It started off to be a great day complete with BBQ steaks and an almost SG fix. That being an "almost" worked out for the best by the end of the night. Since the SG wiring didn't go so well, I brought out the white Les Paul Studio as my backup to Aardvarks that night. That was a fairly good night too except for the last song. I remember looking at the floor, zoning out (guitar playing is the closest I get to zenning) and then on my right side, the PA speaker came tumbling to the ground and on my left I saw my amp tumble off the stool and hit the ground as well, scratching up the white guitar on its way down, but thankfully any marks are only on the back. I also lost one of my input jacks on the amplifier probably because the cord was still plugged in when the amp took a spill. Pete and I could have easily gotten tagged with falling equipment. Maybe we won't play Bridge of Sighs anymore.

It could have been a lot worse: had the SG been there it would have been literally in pieces from the amp hitting it.

Sunday, the SG's wiring got straightened out and it's a real treat. It might just be the most versatile guitar I own. It's still not the Goldtop or Studio Plus; nothing can touch those two. Man, I love my Studio Plus.

Monday, again, was filled with good food and Newcastle Brown. And Tuesday consisted of playing the SG, doing guide vocals on the new songs and word re-writes.

Also, the whole weekend I was up til 4 in the morning playing Civilization on the PS3. It's such a great game.

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