Monday, December 21, 2009

Last Entry of the Year

Well, Happy Equinox. This'll probably be my last Blog entry of the year so Merry Christmas to everyone.
So, since the 1st, I have the new CD, Gets Scared mixed. I have the cover idea roughed out on paper, and I might spend some time on it, just to make it different than the last one. I'm not going to use the skeleton one even though I don't mind the woodblock. Once that's done, I'll get it mastered. I ended up liking it; again, no "singles" but that's not what this was supposed to be.

Almost saw the Geminids meteor showers except it was too cloudy.

The Toastmen had their (or "our") first gig in a while on the 19th. It didn't go bad at all. And I know I haven't mentioned it but Al Funaro is our new bass player. When he did his first gig with us in October, he was still in another band, but now I'm pretty sure he's a full-time memeber. Sometimes I wonder if I made that staus yet. They haven't kicked me out after 15 years, so maybe.

Other than that, not too much has been going on. Got all of my shopping done and that's really about it. I probably won't send out Christmas Cards this year, so if you don't get one then no offense.

And I've been seriously thinking of getting an electronic drum kit, for a few reasons. One is I love playing drums. Two is that the faithful S3 is probably coming up to retirement; it's been really good to me for almost 20 years. Shit, I just dated myself. Three is I should get into some workout-ish kind of thing since quitting smoking isn't an option. And four - it'd be pretty cool. I didn't want to spend more than a grand (if all lse fails, finance) but the Roland kit I was thinking of is about $1200. Guess I'll need a bigger downpayment.

Anyways, that's about it. So everyone have a good holiday and don't get too crazy on New Years, especially since this year's makes it a long weekend. And try and watch the Bruins game. Why not?

And a big thanks to everyone who's visited the site, left messages about liking the songs and/or the website. 

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