Monday, June 20, 2011

To CD or not to CD

You know, I'm not having the easiest time getting the new CD setup and I'm just doing the same steps that I usually do.

First off is CD Baby. Maybe they've been reading in my Blogs (OK, probably not) that I kind of hack on them since their quality of service has dwindled since Derek Sivers sold it. This morning I wrote a second e-mail wondering when my ISRC codes will be ready. Normally that's about a day after setting up a CD. Tomorrow, it'll be two weeks. Good thing I uploaded my wav files; if I didn't, I'd be running out of time for getting the CD in (they used to give you a month to get the CD in).

Second is IndiePool, who I always speak highly of. I need them to replicate the CD and print the cover. They've been having problems with their Visa payments but that doesn't bother me since I pay them through the bank; like paying a bill. Never had a problem with it before. Last week I made the payment but the rep tells me he hasn't seen the payment's reference number in any of their bank's faxes. I can bring up a screen shot of my transactions and it's there. So that's slowing things down.

I know better than anyone else that shit happens and that's why I'm not all that ticked off. But, if things aren't patched up by the end of the week, I guess I'll have my first download-only CD. That's not the way I want it but it'll have to do. Then I'll have to start looking for more mp3 sites that will allow you to sell "albums" through them.

I do want to remind you fine Folks is that I really make CDs, not for profit but, as a another way of legally owning the songs. And it looks cooler in shrink-wrapped, Digipak form.  Anyways, have a listen to In The Bushes while you're here.

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