Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Webpage Still Says Spring Updates

And it'll probably stay that way until I get settled.

In a pretty much, off the cuff fashion, I ended up moving again.

Yes, I did move in February (which was a pretty good move since it was really mild) but I guess I could recap this latest adventure:

It all started one day on May, when I came home and found the back door wide open and unattended.  I forgot to mention that I didn't move to the safest part of town, but there are a lot worse places.  Actually, since most of my stuff is out of there, here's the address: 550 Park Street W.  Help yourself...but after this weekend.

Then I noticed it open a day later.  So I e-mailed the landlady and a sign did go up saying please keep the door locked "for your own safety". That was OK for a bit.

3 weeks later after I got my new car, I came out to see a nice 6 inch long scratch on my driver side door.  I e-mailed the landlady to bring up the security camera footage so I could see who hit me because the stickers on the front door of the building say "under 24 hour surveillance".  Guess what?  No, cameras at all.  After getting an e-mail back saying there was nothing they could do since it could have been "a visitor"'s car.  Visitor's car?  I have a picture that shows the sign saying "Tenant Parking Only".

It was only a couple of days later that I found a new place.  Oddly enough, it was a place that I wanted to look at the first time I moved but there weren't any vacancies at the time.  When I went up to drop off a deposit, I met the owner and he asked me when I could move in.  I said, by law, I had to give two months notice so I'd be ready by August.  I think he thought I could move in earlier.  That was coincidental because I wanted to get the hell out of my place before anything else went wrong.

I came home (the back door was probably open again), e-mailed the landlady asking that, since I'm not liking it there, if I could only have a month notice?  Sure enough it was a yes.  If it wasn't, I'd have to raise a stink since I think I shouldn't have to pay another month's rent after them falsely advertising a secure building.

In the meantime, the backdoor's still being left open.  Even better, that back door faces an alley.  So it got common that I'd shout down the hallway, "close the fucking door" and then slam the door.  I even left a sign on the door that said "Assholes: learn how to read".  Nothing like shitty tenants.  That was last week.

So now as I'm typing this up, my shoulders are sore from moving last night.  We got all the main stuff out.  All that's left is stuff that I don't really care about and/or that's replaceable.  And thanks, John, for the help.  I owe him pretty big.

It's too bad because the apartment itself, as in layout, was great.  Central air too and all inclusive.  But this new place should work out well.  Anyone who I bumped into at least says Hi.  Not used to that.  But again, if you're looking for a really unsecure place to live in, try my old apartment.

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