Friday, July 27, 2018

Last Day of WDET for Me

So, I listened to WDET in Detroit for the last time today.

For the past, I don't know how many years, every morning at my day job, I'd stream WDET.  They have gotten a lot worse in the last couple years, but today did it.  What was the last straw?  Stephen Henderson's I'm Boycotting Football that took up a full hour.

How does one waste an entire hour talking about boycotting football?  Spoiler Alert: I never liked football anyways (sorry).  There was a bit of background noise when I first put it on, and then I heard stuff about players aren't allowed to take a knee and I thought, "Are you guys still going on about this?"  And then they were taking screened questions and I heard some broad saying "As a white woman..." and I switched off.

I, like most of the majority of normal people, am getting tired of hearing far-left, virtual signaling, race this/race that in my entertainment mediums.  It's gotten really old and I'm pretty much done with it.  It's not like that in the real world.  In the real world, if people don't like you, it usually doesn't have anything to do with your appearance, so it's embarrassing to hear adults, who should know better, using identity politics.  I feel sorry for someone like Stephen Henderson who's not going to watch football because the players have to stand for the anthem.  Maybe if an NFL owner told his team to go around and massacre random people, then yeah, that's a good reason for a boycott.  Dedicating an hour of air time to bleat out your opinion, fluffed out by put on pre-screened callers who share the same opinion is quite sad and not worth listening to.  And that's the key: it's not worth listening to.

There's another public radio station in Detroit that's on at my place pretty much all of the time and that's 90.9 WRJC.  I think the political thing I've heard them say was "Donald Trump won last night" and that was it.  Beautiful.  I haven't heard anything political since and it's been great.  I'd stream them but it's Classical during the day and I can't be getting sleepy first thing when I get to work.  It's so darn soothing.

I hate to break it to some people but politics isn't everything.  The last thing it needs to be interjected with is any kind of entertainment.  Some people try to put politics and music together and it's always a big fail.  U.S. Politics seems to be a substitute for reality TV lately.  It’s about as interesting as So You Think You Can Dance.  I get the whole WDET needs listeners and money part, but geeze, find something that'll attract listeners, not repel them.  WDET may as well call themselves a substation of Salon, MTV or Vox.  You can do whatever you want but you won't be making any money off of going far left.  It doesn't sell because that audience thinks everything should be free.

So, WDET and your anchors, I won't be tuning in anymore and I won't be giving you any money at Pledge Week.  This isn’t even a boycott since boycotts have the connotation of going back when things get straightened out but I’m done.
I'll gladly give my $400 to WRCJ instead ($200 per pledge week).  They're likable, they do their job and they've earned it.


Monday, June 18, 2018

The Not-So-Great Escape

At the end of last year, I was done paying for my Fusion and I knew for my next car, I wanted to get an SUV-ish type thing.  I'm not a tall guy so I wanted something where I could sit a little higher and also something with all wheel drive since there's a bit of snow in the winter.  I loved my Fusion so much that I thought I'd stick with Ford.  I bought a 2018 Ford Escape.

My Mom talked me into getting the Titanium, something I didn't really care about.  It's supposed to be Ford's high end Escape but they should state what the high end is because it's buggy as shit.  It drives fine but it's all the other things, like the electronics that make this car a wary drive.  Everything's a sensor, and on top of it, being run off software.  Red flag anyone?  Speaking of the sensors, they're incredibly inconsistent.

2018 Ford Escape: Works best when in Park and turned off
2018 Ford Escape: Works best when in Park and turned off
Here's an example: yesterday I was woken up to a car horn going off in the parking lot.  I thought, who's the jerk?  Well, that jerk was me.  The horn goes off at random.  It's happened a couple of other times too which makes it easy to troubleshoot.  I can't wait for the day when the car won't turn over because the battery is drained from the horn going off willy-nilly.

Even when I got it in November, one of the selling features is the remote start.  They never mentioned that it's hit or miss.  I could be less than ten feet away, try the remote start but it doesn't turn over the first time.  That's a great feature for the winter.  Apparently, it was fixed with a software update.  That's when I thought Fuck (sorry about the language).  My day job has a bit to do with computers so I know how reliable software can be.  Now I'm going to be stuck with this buggy vehicle for the next 4 years?  Everyday will be a nervous adventure until I trade this PC with wheels in.  What random glitch will happen next?

Some mornings, the moon roof is retracted all the way, some mornings it's the way I left it (half drawn).  The trunk door doesn't open when you kick your foot underneath it like it's advertised to do.  Sometimes the windshield wipers do three wipes and a pause, sometimes it's just one.  If the windshield wipers aren't going to work, what else won't?

After talking to a friend that worked at Ford when they were designing the 2018s, it seems to be the engineers that work on the car are fine, it's the cheap labour that make up the software engineers that are the problem.  You know how Windows Updates, especially for Windows 10 aren't very good?  If Windows updates aren't very good, how about some proprietary software for your vehicle?  I don't get the warm and fuzzies driving the car.  Shit, I haven't even tried the parking assist feature because I don't trust that it'll work.  I'm not using accident forgiveness on my insurance because the car decides to pin stripe another car because the sensors don't work that day. 

So when Ford hires cheap labour, they certainly get what they pay for.  And the car isn't worth what I paid for it, that's for sure.  It's the most expensive beater I'll ever buy.  And when I heard that Ford is going to stop making cars (for the most part) before perfecting their SUVs, I know it's time to switch brands.  It's a car and a malfunctioning car can kill you and/or others.

For you folks that stumbled across this blog entry and were wondering if you should get that 2018 Ford Escape, go buy something else.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Indian Church - Because That's What the Artist Named It

You'd never know it but I do appreciate the arts.  Well, real ones.  Throwing random blotches of paint on a canvass and attaching some kind of meaning to it isn't art.  And real artists aren't people that let you know they're an artist within the first 5 minutes of meeting them.

But, man, I got angry when I read this article on the CBC page: Why the Art Gallery of Ontario removed 'Indian' from the name of this Emily Carr painting.  I don't even really care for the painting myself, but it was the display of audacity from an unqualified person really pissed me off this morning.

Defacing someone else's art by renaming it is a step too far.  That's even more disgusting than the obvious virtue-signaling-for-funding.  No one in their right mind would just go out and rename someone else's work, in whatever field.  Unless you're clinically retarded.

Whatever criticism Georgiana Uhlyarik receives, she's earned it and deserves it.  I'm picking on her because she's the one in the article doing the talking.  For one thing, she's only a curator.  I've seen the duties a curator has.  If she gets more than minimum wage, she's overpaid.  Someone this inept shouldn't be in any position of responsibility let alone allowed to do interviews.

Warning: Offensive Painting
So we already have the Fart Gallery making unilateral decisions with someone else's art but here's where things are extremely stupid: the AGO didn't bother to contact anyone from the estate of Emily Carr, or any kind of family member for any kind of permission or consent, like a normal person would do.  Instead, they contacted the place where the church in the painting used to be.  What kind of imbecile contacts someone that has nothing to do with the painting for permission to deface it by renaming it?  She may as well ask one neighbour if she can borrow another neighbour's shovel to dig up Emily and turn her over in her own grave.

But two can play that word game.  I read that she has twin sons.  Well, I'm going to rename them, even though she created them (probably about the only thing she can create on her own).  From now on, her kids' names are Remus and Romulus.  I asked a guy I worked with if that was OK, and he said sure.

To you kids out there, don't be a waste of sperm and egg like Miss Uhlyarik.  No one has the right or privilege to rename anyone else's art, no matter what form it takes and no matter who the person is.  Miss Uhlyarik's actions do not represent someone with integrity or class.

And if someone renames one of my songs after I'm dead, I'm totally coming back to haunt the fuck out of them.

Sorry about the language.