Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Cry Like an Egale

Well, you know me: I'm one of those anti-censorship and if-you-don't-like-it-don't-look-at-it types.  I wish everyone was like that.

I have no fondness for activists.  They're not fun people.  If there's one way to ruin a good thing, add an activist to it.  Activists are those rotten people that say they support a good cause, hoping that you'll think they're a good person too.  It's a ruse: they're still the obnoxious, demanding Karens that look like they're going to WalMart again to buy some more pink or blue hair dye.  These activists are only out to make themselves feel better; they couldn't care less about the groups they claim to support.  But when they get caught doing something they shouldn't (like when BLM got caught buying a 6 million dollar mansion), it's straight to the defensive and you're the problem.  You can insert any "group" in there and get the same results from activists.

What's starting this post is reading about who's raising a stink about having Fox banned from Canadian Cable packages ( and it's Egale Canada, another Feminist/Social Justice group that are really bad at pig-latin phobias.  If you’re having a hard time sleeping, read their open letter to the CRTC:

"People in Canada deserve to know that the news broadcast on Canadian airwaves is reliable and objective, and marginalized groups must be protected from malicious propaganda," the group's executive director Helen Kennedy wrote."  That, I had a laugh at because after Bill C-11's passing the other week, you'll only get the most unreliable and unobjective news now.  There's that equity the activists always pine about: we're all going to be lied to equally.

Kennedy specifically accused now-former prime-time host Tucker Carlson of provoking "hatred and violence" against trans people by making "false and horrifying claims" in a segment that also included Egale's name and logo.  I should say one example from Helen's letter to the CRTC which isn't a lie, was from the second paragraph: "The segment also contained a range of other malicious misinformation about 2STNBGN people, including that trans people are given preferential treatment in employment and other opportunities."  Well, they do.  Ask any Diversity Officer (also, it's part of the Employment Equity Act).

""The trans movement is targeting Christians, including with violence," Carlson said in a March segment following a mass shooting at a Nashville school.

"Egale has experienced firsthand the hate that is generated from a single segment aired on Fox News in Canada," Kennedy wrote. "This programming is in clear violation of Canadian broadcasting standards and has no place on Canadian broadcasting networks."

I didn't see the Tucker segment (or any examples of "hate" from Egale) but I've seen other "activists" get pretty violent over the last couple of years.  Perfect example would be Antifa, supposedly short for Antifascists (which would make them technically Communists; I've seen a little WW2 stuff too), and those guys are pretty destructive whether it's throwing concrete at people or super-looting stores.  I will say Antifa has some of the best arsonists in North America.

Now if the activists did start something with the Christians, then I could see why she'd be defensive because that would make her group the ones provoking "hatred and violence" and being abusive because it's really, really rare that Christians pick fights.  When was the last time you were bullied into going to the Loaves and Fishes Cookout?  Is Egale some kind of oppressive hate group?  Probably.

Anyways, someone has to talk to these activists.  Either you support a democracy (majority rule) or you support marginalized groups (minority rule).  You can't do both.  Life isn't Star Trek 2 where the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many... or the one.  We all know that doesn't work, or it doesn't work for long. 

"The public consultation, which began earlier this month, was triggered by an open letter from advocacy group Egale Canada."  And a whole 160 out of 44 million people signed a petition.

""Why would we want a broadcaster spreading falsehoods and damaging our democracy in the way that it has done to the U.S.," someone in Ontario wrote." 

Nobody's watching cable news anymore because no one's watching cable.  I don't watch Fox but there's no reason it should be banned.  As much as the CBC has nothing to offer and has spread their fair share of lies (I'm thinking of something as dumb as the Russians were behind the Freedom Convoy), I don't want it banned either.  The answer isn't to ban anything.  If something is meant to exist or die, that'll happen on its own.  

One comment was: "As a person who identifies as LGBTQ2SI, I firmly believe Canadians are able to decide for themselves which cable channels they want or don’t want, and Canadians are able to discern opinion from reality without options being removed on their behalf," a person in New Brunswick stated.

That's perfect, even though it's 2SLGBTQI and not LGBTQ2SI.  One year in the Gulag and some anti-something training for you, person from New Brunswick.


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