Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lack of Webpage Updates

Well, I don't know if anyone has noticed but I haven't done my webpage updates this month.  Why?

I moved.

I didn't really want to but I had a pair of ying-yangs living above me. That's putting it politely. I used to live in a pretty great one bedroom apartment, overlooking the Detroit River. I recorded my last 5 CDs there. But like so many good things, it was ruined by two twats. Three if you include the owner (?) of Roubin Properties.

I'm a pretty mild guy, but you know that already if you're reading this coming from my website. If you're not, then yes, I am a pretty mild guy.

Obviously living underneath someone, you're going to hear the odd bit of noise. But consistently in between 2 and 4 am is where it gets ridiculous.  I talked to them (at 1:00 am one night) and even got a bit of attitude. Nothing's worse than a self-important chick in her 20's - that equates to a useless person.  I talked to the Landlord who's actually a really good guy and I find out I wasn't the only one who's complained about them.  I had to leave notes on their door before I finally e-mailed the owner of the building.  He was as helpful as cancer.  Then I find out that the two twats are waitresses and somehow noise complaints don't apply to waitresses.  Maybe the guy from Roubin Properties is sleeping with them. 

So I took my own advice of "if you don't like it then leave".  So I did.  Did I rush it?  Maybe.  But I couldn't go getting 2 hour intervals of sleep a night for too much longer.  Not when I set the alarm for 6 for my day job.  The word Postal came to mind quite a bit the last few months.

If you see an available apartment on 1475 Riverside Drive W, make sure it's not unit 301 unless you're anti-sleep and like living under a pair of ignorant chicks.  Also, the apartment building's been getting kind of ghetto: too many dogs; broken glass on the hallway doors; missing licence plates; no security cameras.  The place is almost a microcosm of Windsor: Geographically it's great - it's all the other stuff that ruins it.

So at least now, I have a recording room; the new couches that are pretty great; I don't have to pay for gas or heat; there's a restaurant down the street that's worth eating at; I've had full night sleeps for the last two weeks; and this weekend I'll be starting the new CD.  I'll probably call it "Moves Out".
And the website will be updated for March - I promise.

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  1. I have just had a run in with Ryan the manager of Roubin apts. wynadotte st e yes u are right a real asshole and slum lord he is ... I like to know where to post so other ppl. don't get rooked up to renting from this moron