Saturday, February 8, 2014

From Russia With Love

So I'm getting tired of hearing all the belly-aching about the Olympics and a few other things that are news-worthy from over there.

My main gripe is hearing Westerners (for the lack of a better word), complaining how Russia runs itself.  In short, who cares?  The country can run itself anyway it wants to.  All I hear is North Americans being hypocritical about freedom: freedom of this and freedom of that but they don't care that a country has the freedom to run itself.  Even down to its stray dog problem.  Again, in short, they're handling it.  The only difference is over here the animal control will pick up the animal and then dispose of it and it won't make YouTube. 
Don't even get me going on the gay thing. 
Actually, nah, I'll rant:  I'll guess that Russia has a problem with the whining homosexuals.  I would too - they're annoying.  And it's the whining ones going off on their "rights" (it's not really "rights", it's more of "privileges").  Most normal homosexuals are probably rolling their eyes at the TV going, "please don't embarrass us anymore."  If these whiners want to feel validated by the acceptance of old, white men, then they have some other deeper mental issues.  If the gay community were really going to protest something then the gay athletes should have backed out to make a point.  But they didn't.
My other gripe is that old washed out entertainer Madonna.  Her soap-boxing turned a band that plays music into a cause.  That doesn't surprise me since Madonna doesn't know much about actual music.  So I feel bad for Pussy Riot in the sense that no matter how stellar their musicianship is or if they wrote the best song ever, it'll never be recognised.  Thanks Madonna.  You should probably stick to kissing other washed up entertainers on TV like Brittany next time you want some press instead of ruining someone else's career.
Anyways, kids, respect other's freedom on how they choose to do something no matter how much you disagree with it.

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