Friday, July 17, 2020

What's In A Name?

Singer says lawsuit over Lady A name is 'white privilege'

L-R: Stupid, Dumbass, Jerk
Somehow this is turning into a race issue when it really isn't.  Although when it gets read into it, it's pretty embarrassing for the offending party.

In short, Lady Antebellum changes their name to Lady A but Anita White has been going by Lady A for years.  Why there's a lawsuit against Anita is beyond me.  If anything, it should be Anita suing the band.  Lady Antebellum should quite simply go fuck themselves.  It's not a white thing, it's a no class thing.  And why would Lady Antebellum change their name to Lady A when 2/3s of the group is male?  Also, the word Antebellum means pre-war (ante=before; bellum=war).  Those three jerks couldn't come up with a better name?  I hate New Country more than before.

Anita White is Blues, and any Blues is better than whatever AO music Lady Anorexic decides to shit out.  Anita is right when she points out the irony is lost on Lady Antiscrotum: "They claim to be allies and that they wanted to change their name out of the racist connotation, and then they sue a Black woman for the new name."

What's weirder is when you search Google for Lady Antebellum, the first thing you see on the right of the page is "Lady A is an American country music group formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 2006..."  Thanks, Google, for being insensitive pricks.  They even got @LadyA on Twitter.  Pretty shitty; shitty indeed.

Here's what real musicians do: the last band I was in, we decided we'd go with the name Ghost Note.  It's a cool name but it was already taken.  So we said, "Somebody else has that name, we'll have to come up with a new one."  That's what real musicians do.  It's called a sign of respect.  Lady Arsehole is made up of three classless people.

Anita shouldn't have to rebrand herself at all.  Plain and simple, Anita was there first and Lady Antipersperant should think of a new name that's not someone else's.  I get that they're a Country band and Country bands aren't known for their originality or smarts but that's no excuse for willfully taking another artist's name and then have the nerve to sue them for $10 million.  I would be livid if I bought Lady A tickets and it ended up being those three Country fucks on the stage. 

Sorry about the bad language.

There was no real point to this Blog entry other than to rant.  But, in all honesty, if someone else, black or white, went by the stage name Lady A, the same thing would have happened.

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