Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Well, Happy Earth Day, even though the Farmer's Almanac said it was the 21st.

So what am I doing for Earth Day? Instead of turning on the TV and playing the PS3, I'm going to just play my PSP.

Also, I caught a bit of a cold. I'm kind of lucky since I don't catch them often; probably because of the 4Cs. So I'll have to take it easy for the next little bit or until I sleep it off.

Also, the title of the next CD will be Blind Date. The title track will be about me going on a blind date and finding out that she's literally blind. Kinda cute. Other exciting tracks will be about: female magicians ("Dirty Tricks"); ransom notes; heading for the hills; tea bags ("Let It Steep"); and Gypsies. The basic tracks are done and so are 90% of the words. I was hoping to get it all finished for May's Anniversary Edition but I might only have one or two rough mixes ready.

That's OK.

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