Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Songs on the Site

I know I was a little late. we'll, not really - that was just the deadline I gave myself, but the new songs are finally done. A little while back I thought it would be neat to do some Halowe'en-y songs. They are:

  • Alien Sex Chicks (an oldie - about aliens)
  • Wants Me For My Brains (about zombies)
  • One Piece At A Time (about literally building the perfect girl)
  • I Don't Want To Feed You (about doing experiments on someone and deciding to pull the plug)
  • Roaches (an old instrumental that I used to have; I didn't bother to change the title)
Again, the new ones are the best of the bunch; I think "Wants Me For My Brains" turned out the best

The saviour for getting these done is a SansAmp TRI AC that I picked up last Thursday. What a neat little unit. I'll be using that a whole lot more. For all you kids out there, it's basically a pre-amp/amp simulator that you can plug directly into a PA board, or for me, the 2488. It comes with a gain knob but for the most part, I turned that down and went back to using the BOSS DS-1. I just pretended it was an amp. Also, I got to record my newer Line6 Roto Machine pedal on Roaches and One Piece At A Time. Guess I'll have to update my Gear page.

The other surprise for me was using the SG-3 so much. It's just a great guitar. I love the neck pickup in it. Actually, I love all the sounds it has.

So the future plan now is: pay off the SG (this weekend), get an Ovation, record another batch of songs, rest for the holidays, record another batch of songs, then pick the best ones and there's my next CD. If the new songs are any indication what the next CD will sound like then I can't wait.

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