Monday, January 18, 2010

Half-way Through January

I'm excited.

Last Saturday, my friend Dwayne and I went to the music store to look at some electronic drum kits. Over the holidays, another friend of mine paid me a compliment by saying, now, the weakest link in the songs I do, is the sound of the drums. I was told already that my voice "grows on" people, so guess it's not that annoying anymore. I'll take it.

I know the drum sounds from the Korg S3 aren't up to par but it's the only thing I can play. I still love that drum machine, or as they say "Rhythm Workstation", after 16 years now. I know how it sounds and I know how it affects the songs. I know how my songs sound. It's time to retire the S3.

So, after himming and hawwing over the holidays about getting a new drum machine, I decided to get a real electronic drum kit.  I wanted to keep it under a grand since I'm not a drummer but you know how these things go.  I ended up going with the Roland TD-4SX: V-Compact® Series for a few reasons. One - I liked all the toms being mesh heads.  There was another kit there that I was looking at online with only a mesh snare and the toms were OK.  Another good reason is that the mesh heads are quiter than the other pads. Anyways, reason 2 is that if I can't play something, I could have Dwayne help.  Since he's a drummer, it'd be easier if he played a good kit.  Also, a third reason: this'll will be the only time I'll ever buy one so I may as well get a good one.  And I'll play it.  It's not me buying just an expensive toy.  I know all ready it'll take some practice.  I highly doubt I'll be able to just hop on the kit and lay a track down after a couple of days but I want to learn.

So the waiting game is on.

In the meantime I'll have to figure out what I'm going record, or maybe re-record.  If I can get a hang of it, I may as well redo all the drum parts off Gets Scared.  I don't relish the thought of remixing the whole thing again but if it's for the best, then why not?

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