Monday, May 17, 2010

A Black Sabbath indeed

I guess it takes a lot for me to update my Blog but this is a special entry.

You probably may know (or may not) that Ronnie James Dio passed away yesterday and that really is sad news.  It truly was a Black Sabbath on the 16th.  I loved Dio.  Dio's been the background soundtrack for most of my life anyways and was one of those few people I really would have loved to have met.  Also it was a real treat seeing him the last couple of times with Heaven & Hell.  He kept up his vocal chops whereas other ex-Black Sabbath members haven't.  At least he went out on top.

So tonight I'll be putting on Rainbow Live in Germany and I'll be enjoying Stargazer in all its glory.

Btw: the best comment I've heard so far is: "Brett Michael lives and Ronnie James Dio dies...there is no God."

At least for me, since January, I've managed to finish up the new CD Gets Scared and have it available at CD Baby ( ).  This is the first CD to have the new drums on it.  Also, I'm almost done the next CD; I'd say about 70% complete.  And I ordered an Ovation online.  And lastly, the website hit its 11th Anniversary this month.  Always something going on.

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