Friday, May 28, 2010

Stupidy Rampant In Ontario

Y'know I don't like to get too political on anyone but I have to type out what I found out the other day. Also, it's rare that I use the F word so use caution whilst reading.

I was talking to a lady at my day job (the job that pays for the "toys") and she was mentioning that her kid was taking Sex Ed at school. When I asked what grade he was in, I nearly fell over when I heard her answer.

"Grade 6".

Grade 6. I couldn't believe it. What kind of fuck-up, know-nothings teach their kids Sex Education at Grade 6? I asked if it was the school and it turns out it was the Government of Ontario that put that in the curriculum.  Now the Ontario Government for the last, I don't know how many years, have been royally fucking up, well, almost everything they get their hands on.  And get this, originally they wanted to introduce Sex Ed at Grade 3.  Grade fucking 3.  Unbelievable.

Maybe that's where Dalton McGuinty mentality is. Dalton's the premier of Ontario for all you fine folks in the States.  This is a province where you have to hide packs of cigarettes in a store but your grade school kids can learn how to give blow jobs.  I can't wait to see the teen pregnancy rates in the next few years.  Keep Sex Ed in high school where it belongs, especially since the Age of Consent is 14.

The reason, and this is pretty lame, is that kids are sexually active in Grade School. I'm sure some are. It was like that when I was in Grade School. There were maybe 5. And they were ridiculed and called Sluts and nobody really associated with them.  So I'm guessing is that more than a few MPP's kids are sluts.  That's pretty fair to say.  It does get old changing laws every time it suits some MPP's family member.

I know the government scans Blogs looking for conspiracy theories and all the other paranoia, so all you "Liberal" MPPs out there, I know you wouldn't know what to do if you guys actually came up with a good idea, but give your heads a shake and wake the fuck up and stop being so useless.

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