Monday, April 4, 2011

First Weekend of April

What a weekend. Pete and I played both nights at two different places and it was like night and day between the two.

Friday we started out at the RyeGate.  It's more of a restaurant-y thing and that's OK.  We were a little nervous that we wouldn't go over well because maybe the songs we do wouldn't fit.  Things like Let Me Put My Love Into You and Love Gun might not go with dinner.  In the end, it was a really good time, they had Red Stripe and the staff seemed to like us.  I thought it went well for our first time there.

Saturday was a big about face.  Me, personally (and I can say this since it's my Blog), I didn't want to go back to the Manchester one bit.  After the first gig in January, we were told that we were a little "too mellow".  I'm not sure what they were thinking when they hire "acoustic" two-man bands.  The next month was the night of a bad snow where they didn't bother to call us to cancel -we had to drive there to find out there's no gig.  March's date was double-booked by them so we didn't play that one.  With that kind of track record, I wanted to get this gig out of the way and done.  The problem on Saturday night was that the place was pretty busy and even a few people from the audience came up to us and mentioned they liked us.  But after we got done our second set, they said don't bother to go back up.

No problem.  They should have told us that about 4 hours earlier.  If I go to the Manchester again, it'll be too soon.

So that was my weekend playing.  One great night, one piss-poor night.  Can't win them all.

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