Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Special Delivery - New CD Time

It's always a good day when I setup a new CD. That was today. Also my mood's a little better than usual since the Bruins managed to hang on for one more game.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the new CD.  If I didn't own it, I'd probably buy one myself. It's a good follow up to Grows On You and still on my track for The New One's The Best One So Far. For what started as a Blues CD ended up being alright. Most songs are the I-IV-V chord progressions (that was the plan) which doesn't really make for strong songs.  That means the words have to be good. Or listenable. And even though I struggled with some of the lyrics, I think it turned out to be one of the funnier ones. The only non-funny song was the instrumental.

So how does one set up a new Compact Disc? Why, I'll tell you:
For me, once I get the CD mastered from Mark (http://www.sharktankpro.com/), I have a listen and if things are good, it's to CD Baby to set up a new CD.  I used to get extremely nervous setting one up because I didn't want a spelling mistake or anything. After using them for 8 years, it doesn't bother me anymore.

What got me hooked was how it worked.  They basically warehouse the CD for you and send it out if someone orders it.  To make it legit, you can buy bar codes from them.  When I first started making CDs people thought I made my own bar code in Photoshop.  I'm still not sure how to take that.  Once that's setup, you basically have a month to get 5 CDs mailed into them.  What I did new last night was upload wavs to CD Baby after setting the new CD up.  Uploading wavs.  Geeze.  That took a while. It would have been easier to upload mp3 at whatever bit rate they wanted but I don't work there so I don't make those decisions. They used to be really great when Derek Sivers owned it.  When he sold it, it went from being great to pretty good.

What I've been using over the last few years is IndiePool's SMRT CD program for the covers. They do the whole CD setup as well but since I setup my stuff at CD Baby first, they're very accommodating at not having me pay for their whole package.  Also, their support's really good.  And I like the pay-as-you go; there's no way I could unload 1000 of my CDs. I'd love to but I know better. Before I lose my train of thought, I set up a CD with them, sign the agreement, mail them the CD master and upload the artwork to one of the FTP sites. Works great.  Here's their site: http://www.indiepool.com/

The cover I'll finish tonight. It's half done (just the outside). I'll try and think of something halfway funny to put on the inside.
When it's ready to go, I'll make another Blog entry. Over on the right you should be able to hear the new single "In The Bushes."

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