Friday, June 17, 2011

What was the Question Again?

Well, that was a fun last game of the season and the end result was even better. And Vancouver displayed their amazing car-fire setting skills. Good job, Guys.
Boston wasn't really favoured to win.  At all. I didn't think they'd make it past Tampa but I'm glad I did. This is the most hockey I watched in a long time. Anyways, what I'm rambling about today is basically, good help is hard to find. And it ties in with the Bruins winning the Cup.

I said at the beginning of Game 7, "If the Bruins win the Cup, I'll buy another jersey". They did, and being a good guy that I am went to's store to see what I could buy. I'm not big on spending over a certain amount so I remembered seeing a Boston Bruins baseball shirt a couple of months ago. It still showed up in my recently viewed items at the bottom of the page so I thought, "Great, I'll get that."

So when I went to order it, I couldn't. The Choose a Size dropdown box was empty and that wouldn't let me order anything.  Maybe it was my computer?  I had access to another one and same problem.  So I contacted Support:

I tried to order the Boston Bruins "Majestic" baseball jersey
but the Select a Size dropdown doesn't show any options and therefore I
can't proceed with my order.

Please let me know when this has been fixed.

Reading back, I can't believe I used the word "therefore".

So, here's what I got back:

"Dear Gregg,

Thank you for contacting Customer Care at We are
always adding new products to our online store; however, due to
manufacturer's schedules, we are unable to provide estimated arrival
times for product replenishments unless otherwise indicated on the website.

We operate a real-time inventory system that updates our web store
catalog according to what is available in our inventory. If an item,
size, or color is not available, we remove it from the Internet store to
avoid any confusion. In addition, we do not have the ability to view
the inventories of other retailers or our land-based stores.

We appreciate your interest in our online store. Please periodically
check back with us to see if we are carrying the product you inquired
about. Do not forget to sign up to be on our mailing list if you want to
be notified about our sales and specials. See details on our homepage.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you, and
thank you again for contacting Customer Care at

Troy H.
Customer Service Representative
Customer Care at"

So, according to Troy, I shouldn't have been able to see the item on the website. It still didn't explain an empty drop down box. Anyways, like a reply from the government of Ontario (see: May 4th's "Ask and Ye Shall Receive...kind of"), I got a three paragraph response that didn't answer my question.

So what did I do? Simple. I went somewhere else. I picked up this doozy on Amazon: . A little warm for the summer and more that I wanted to spend but I kept my word and now I'm happy.

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