Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pickups the Pace

Last week I thought I'd order some replacement pickups for my Goldtop. The Goldtop is an 89 and at that time Gibson were installing P-100 pickups.  A P-100, for all you fine folks, looks like a P-90 but is an actual humbucker instead of single-coil and different than a hum-reduced pickup.  I thought about swapping the pickups ever since I started getting into humbuckers because I noticed the Goldtop didn't have the gain that my guitars with humbuckers had. Then slowly, those guitars (Studio Plus, SG3) started being my main ones and I retired the Goldtop.

I'm not sure why I have to fix up the Goldtop now. Maybe I was getting sentimental last week. Anyways, I hunted for anyone who makes P-100s (I don't do eBay) and the only place I could find was AllParts for reasonably priced P-100s. Unfortunately UPS' pricing is shit. $75 because it's international. Or maybe because it doesn't get shipped straight to its destination. Have a look at the Shipping Log:

So it starts out by going to Mount Hope Ontario which is a place I can honestly say I've never heard of. I had to look it up. When I read Hamilton, it started making sense.

From there, it goes back to the States; must be out of convenience. Then back to "Canada". Then to the States and back to Mount Hope.

These pickups have traveled more than I have. Honestly, I'd pay $50 if it was shipped straight to the destination. It would probably shave a few days off delivery time and even save some gas.

My favourite Activity was "There is an inadequate description of the merchandise. More documentation required." It wouldn't surprise me if "guitar pickups; quantity 2" baffled and confused people over there at Mount Hope. It's not Secret Squirrel stuff. I bet if you surf long enough, you could probably find the schematics.  Mainly I'm wondering why if someone's waiting for "more documentation", why the hell would they ship it back over to the States instead of keeping it on this side of the border and wait for the "documentation"?

Also, I can't wait to see what inflated Duty I'll have to pay. I'm sure I'll Blog about it in a couple of days after they have to ship the pickups back to the States one more time, y'know, just for old time's sake.

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