Thursday, December 4, 2014

Rollin' Over

Originally I was going to a Blog entry on either The Ontario Government being bribed by Tobacco Corporations to categorize e-cigarettes as a tobacco product (they wonder why people call them idiots) or I had a good one ready to go about some kids being upset by the ancient, and really bad video game, Custard's Revenge.

Instead I thought I'd do an entry way more relevant than useless politicians and/or whiny kids.  It's a quick entry on the passing of Ian McLagan.  I've been a Faces fan (and a Small Faces fan; Ogdens is still on my phone) for many a year, and that's a lot of years, and I loved how Ian played.  Since a Hammond organ is on of my favourite sounds, and I don't like prog very much, I liked
listening to Ian.  Excellent sound.  Actually, when I got my B9 pedal, one of the first things I played along with was Wicked Messenger.

And he was a treat on the piano and electric piano too.  Not bad for a guy that started out on the guitar.  Lots of bands would sound a whole lot different (and not necessarily for the better) had he not been around. 

The good ones really are going fast.  RIP, Ian.

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