Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I Closed Down The Facebook Page This Morning

I closed down the Facebook page this morning.  As I nice guy, I sent out a quick message to all 30 followers letting them know.  I used to have over 100 but had to start over again when Facebook decided to revamp band/group pages a couple of years ago.  I should have closed the account then.  Anyways, I typed this up last Friday:

After some serious thought, (OK, it wasn't all that serious), I have decided to close down this "Band Page" within the next couple of days.

I realized that I have nothing in common with the average Facebook user.  I'm not a self absorbed parent; I don't get psychologically harmed by a mean remark or am overly sensitive with any kind of criticism.  I've never been "outraged" or "offended" like a coddled university student, and I don't want to be associated with a website that has its content policy dicktated (had to use that word) by man-hating Feminists.  Nor do I want to be associated with a site that removes jokes because some person's sense of humour isn't fully developed yet but still thinks pictures of women breastfeeding are "beautiful" (sorry, gals, it's gross to look at - and I like boobs!)

And I can't be on a site that is oppressive to free speech.

My site, on the other hand, will still be up and running as it always has been for the past 16+ years, so you 30 users can still kill some time over there.

I'm still keeping the Blog: and I might keep the Twitter account.

On that note, I'll leave you with one of my all-time favourite jokes:
he Police were over at the house, and the one asked me, "Why do you keep beating your wife?"
I said, "I think it's my weight advantage, longer reach and superior footwork."

I still love that joke.

Anyways, the honest reason for closing the page down was because I view Facebook as a big "who cares?" and it would be one less page to update when I put out a CD or something.  And chances are, those 30 people will get their free copies of the CDs anyways.  Like I said, I'm a nice guy.
But there was a lot of truth about Facebook, and Google too, and their "Social Justice" hampering Free Speech.  Google changed their dictionary definition of Liberal.  Instead of the old dictionary definition being "free thinking" and "open minded", their definition is (currently): "open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values", not remembering that traditional values are indeed liberal (but more Classical Liberal).

So I do quickly want to link some points from my "farewell blurb" and yes, I will be ripping on Feminists for a bit.  Trigger Warning.  Feminists were the main impedance on free speech, best demonstrated on Facebook by the Women, Action and the Media group, as you'll read in their Open Letter To Facebook:

For a bunch of broads, they sure are pushy.

But Facebook caved, and that's sad.  Facebook lost any balls it had and caved to a group of self-centred chauvinists. To me, using phrases like "we demand" is actually bullying, isn't it?  I thought that was frowned upon by the Left?  Imagine, a bunch of dim feminists dictating what goes on Facebook.  If they have their way, Facebook will be so inclusive, it'll alienate everyone that's not a "victim".

Anyways, I looked through the rest of the Women, Action and the Media website but didn't find anything with real actions like doing the dishes, sandwich making, house-cleaning tips or anything like that, but I'll tell you, they have one of the best sick joke pages on the Internet:  Best collection of tasteless pics I've seen since Sickipedia went down.  Worth checking out.

On one last ironic note, the last I looked, women have never had it better.  There's a 4:1 ratio of girls to men in university, more women graduate and more unqualified women will get a job over a qualified man.  Feminists have no reason to complain anymore without going outside of their bounds, which is exactly what happened on Facebook.  What Feminists should do, since they're basically finished their "mission" over here, is head on over to some Middle Eastern countries and continue their campaign there, and teach a country like Saudi Arabia all about the joys of Feminism.  Don't let Shariah Law stand in your way.

Let me know how that works out, ladies.

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