Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nothing Really Important

Last weekend we, The Toastment, were at the Canusa on Friday night. It was their first night with bands in over a year. Turn out wasn't high but that's to be expected since a) it was the first night and b) it's just that part of town. The place looks nice inside though. I used to go there way back when I was underage and they had a Thursday night jam. Now I'm one of the old guys I used to make fun of. Kinda funny.

Saturday I got to take Blind Date to get mastered. Always fun to go to Mark's...and I end up learning a bunch of stuff again (recording techniques, things to watch for, etc.) For the first round of mastering, eveything went well even though there's a few tweaks to do next Tuesday. But, it's basically done. I even printed out a mock cover and that didn't turn out so bad either.

Thanks to IndiePool; the Landing Strip cover turned out nice; I got that last week. I might do The Spy Is The Limit next. That's my favourite cover so far.

Then back at the Canusa on Friday. That was unexpected. When I asked about playing this coming weeked, the response was, "Oh yeah, we forgot tell you". I'll take another gig. I honestly thought last week we'd be done til the Fall. I have my Summer pretty much planned already.

One more thanks to RadioIndy because:
"We want to let you know that we've awarded you a GrIndie Award for your excellent CD "Drives It Home". We published an announcement of this award on your RadioIndy artist page, on your CDBaby CD page, and it will soon be sent via email to our listeners of your genre. We are thrilled to help you promote your excellent CD.
Manny and Greg


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