Monday, July 20, 2009

Assault and Batteries

Since I love the sound of a Hammond organ and I love guitar pedals, I ended up getting a Line 6 Tone Core Roto-Machine pedal. Obviously, when I came home, I plugged it in and played along with Badfinger. "Oooo, girl; oooh, girl, want you".

How does it sound? Pretty great actually. The use of the pedal/footswitch was actually pretty ingenious for changing the speed setting. I'm still getting used to it and trying to figure out a standard setting for myself and it's still going before the DS-1. I still have to figure out the Joe Walsh "Mother Says" setting. And the thing has stereo inputs and outputs. Also there's a Gain knob that, when full up, sounds pretty awful, so I'll be leaving that down. No big deal.

The only drawback, and why I won't be taking it out too often, is that it's way too hard on batteries. I don't know if Line6 is owned by Duracell but I got about 3 hours out of a fresh Duracell. The only other pedal that I have, and can actually watch the LED dim over a two hour span is my Boss Harmonist. Great pedal, good for Prince impersonations but I just can't take it out. How many bars do you know that have more than 4 available outlets near the stage? That's right. And I'm not going out and start buying adapters.

So, it's a great pedal but I'll be sticking with the Rotovibe. I was really hoping to take it when Pete and I play out but what can you do?

I got my test copy of Blind Date on Friday. It turned out pretty good so I'm geeked. Soon to be in the stores. Well, at least 1 around here anyways.

Also, the Canuasa gig for this Friday (24th) has been cancelled. Sorry everyone; completely my fault.

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