Thursday, July 30, 2009

People Are Idiots

Here's a Letter to the Editor from today's local paper:

"I found the film, Bruno, very disturbing and I wish to request that you remove this movie from theatres. This is not a movie and it is not related to cinema. It is made to disturb the common taste that movie lovers have.

The media should be ashamed for promoting this movie and booking spots for the lead actor to appear on their programs.

This makes them accomplices in the conspiracy to destroy the taste of the general public.
This movie is a failure. I also feel that I need an apology. When a movie ends, a customer should feel good about what he watched and about the ending. But not with Bruno, it is a total mess. Please take it off, send a message out, you have a responsibility toward people, you owe it to your society.
Talal Aoun,"


What makes this person an idiot? Right; they could have walked out of the movie theatre at anytime.

And we all know bans are pretty unproductive.

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