Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well, last night I upgraded the hard drive on my PS3.

Why? Well, I only bought the 60GB version about 2 years ago. Best one too, as I found out later. Since my friends were buying theirs I noticed that their PS3s were missing 2 USB slots, SD/Compact Flash slots and probably wouldn't play SACDs. The amazing thing about the PS3 is that it plays SACDs through the optical out. That's not normally supposed to happen. Even my 5 disc SACD player won't output digitally.

So I was running out of space on the 60 GB drive, and after a bit of reading how simple it was, I thought I'd try it. Last night I went out and bought a 250GB drive.

The install and format was painless. Absolutely painless. And it kept all the system settings too. I didn't have to re-setup the network configurations or reapply a System Update or anything. Nice.

Speaking of nice, and I forgot to mention it last post, was a shining glimmer of hope and normalicy (I know, it's not a real word) when I went to Toronto. I stayed in a smoking room; ashtrays and everything. If I ever have to get a room again, it'll be at the Holiday Inn Express.

On other fronts, I think Blind Date made it to CD Baby. Usually, for all the other CDs I sent there, I'd get an e-mail saying "your discs are in; give us a couple days to set it up". Anyways, the stock says I have them in there. I guess I'll have to check everyday to see if it's up. Something I really shouldn't have to do. CD Baby used to be pretty great but I noticed a slide since Derek Sivers left. He started the company way back when and recently resigned. His own website has too much useful information though.

So it's hard to say, "OK, the CD's available" when I don't really know myself.

Also, thanks to everyone that listen to Dirty Tricks on SoundClick. I was really surprised when I looked at the stats. Makes me feel like I'm on to something.

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