Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well, I think I'm happy finally. The last 2 days I went back to Mark Planke's Sharktank Studios to have him re-remaster Hits The Spot and On Ice. The reason why is the wav files I originally gave him to work with shouldn't have been those files.

Before I started going to Mark, I used to take the mixes (wav files) and pop them into WaveLab for extra EQ-ing, reverbs, etc... pretty much trying to do my own mastering. It's not my strong suit (I'm only a guitar player). So the first time I went to Mark, I brought him the Wavelab'd wav files. My mistakes ended up getting amplified, hence the distortion and clipping on some tracks.

When I started going through IndiePool to make the covers, I thought I should at least remix Hits The Spot/On Ice and get them to sound good. Normally, I back everything up. I backed up all the 4-track stuff; I backed up Drives It Home; but I could not find my 24 track Hits The Spot/On Ice DVDs. As good as I could find were the pre-Wavelab'd wav files with much less distortion and clipping. The distortion on Worth The Wait is unavoidable but it's not really that annoying.

I haven't given them the headphone test yet but after listening to them, really sleepy-like, last night when I got home, they seem pretty good. Hits The Spot has a snare drum finally; Pictures sounds great.

So lesson learned: never master yourself if your going to get the songs mastered.

On another good note, I have 3 covers left to go before I'm all finished: Hits The Spot, The Spy Is The Limit and I'll Spy Anything Twice.

Blind Date should be available at CD baby, I'd say by the 24th of this month. It's already available at Aime St.

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