Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Heaven and Hell

Well, Heaven and Hell we're just great.

That was Friday at the Meadowbrook Theatre in Michigan. Nice place - much better than DTE.
We got there a little late since the U.S. Border's still a little much because of "security" but we had time enough to get t-shirts and find our seats which were surprisingly close (a little over 10 rows back - we had row K).

The show opened with Mob Rules and was nice and loud. Geezer was stellar all night, Dio was much better than the DVD that was released, and Tony (my hero) was predictably outstanding. Vinny was good - I appreciated him more after watching him.

3 new songs Fear, Bible Black and Follow The Tears were nice to hear live after playing them almost daily in my car since the CD came out. Die Young ended up being probably the most energetic thing they played. I couldn't believe how many kids enjoyed that one. Heaven and Hell was a treat, especially with the long jam and Dio made me laugh pretty good during I when he embellished on one of the lines in the song.

So money well spent. I have the unfortunate feeling this will be the last time those guys hit the States so I'm glad I got to see my heroes one last time.

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