Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sad Day Today

Well, it's a sad day today. Les Paul died. At 94. But you'll probably read that somewhere else with the whole inventor of mulit-tracking and electric guitar stuff, but I feel bad because I consider him a big influence on my playing. OK, more accurately, I "borrowed" from him quite a bit. Well, quite a lot.

The first I really got to hear him was back in 1996 (see, stuff like that sticks out) when my Mom brought home a Les Paul Trio CD, the "Laserlight" one if you want to look it up. Before that, I had heard the Mary Ford stuff and I liked it but I wasn't dazzled until I heard the Trio stuff. It reminded me of proto-Deep Purple. At that time, I never heard anything that early where the guitar is doing unison/harmony lines with a speedy piano.

Les Paul was that good.

I appreciate him from doing home recording - if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have made this website. Also, my left shoulder wouldn't be sore from playing Les Pauls for the past 20 years. Still, I loved him as a guitar player first.

Even a couple of years ago when I hacked on Rolling Stone's 100 Best Guitarist List, I placed Les at #2 (Django was 1st and even Les would agree)

So, Kids, you probably had no idea what you missed.

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