Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Trashersons Have Moved To the City

The other day I read in the local paper, a front-page story on something I'm trying to wrap my head around. Now I don't usually blog about non-musical stuff but this one kind of gets to me.

The basic story is a guy who was left paralyzed after a hit and run is suing the city and a local construction contractor for $12.8 M. The guy who did the hitting was driving drunk and had outstanding infractions.

So you'd think it's pretty open and shut.

But after reading a little further, it's turning into a white-trash affair.

The guy who got hit and is now in a wheelchair (which really is too bad) and is suing the City because the street where he was tagged didn't have sidewalks on both sides of the street. Pretty weak argument. Why? Well, obviously he wasn't on the side of the street that had a sidewalk.

“The vehicular traffic on that road (Greenpark Blvd) is of such a volume that the city should have insisted on sidewalks on both sides,” was the quote from the guy's lawyer. Well, if you hop on Mapquest, it's not a high volume road. Actually, I lived in this City all my life and I even said, "Greenpark?"

The reason the Contractor is getting sued is because the Contractor was throwing a fundraiser, and the guy that did the hitting, left drunk from the fundraiser. Since it's a shit law to begin with (the host is responsible for the guests' (adults) drinking habits), that will probably stick even though the guy who did the hitting was a drunk and shouldn't be behind the wheel in the first place.

But this is the part that really, really bugs me: the "victim"'s Dad and Mom (you have to put them in that order after you read the last names) are suing for $1 million each and the brother and sister are suing for the pull-the-number-out-of-thin-air $250,000 each. WTF? Why 4 other people, that weren't even there, are suing the City is beyond me. But the brother and sister too? That's a lot of nerve. How about you two go get a job? If your going to try and profit off of some one's, let alone a family member's, handicap then you really are a piece of shit.

The saddest part about this whole suing-thing is that the driver, who is a bum, doesn't have money which is why I'm guessing the "victim" and the lame-o family are suing the City and the drunk's boss. Y'know, because you wouldn't want to take action on the person that directly caused the accident.

Kids, don't turn into trash - accept responsibility for your own actions and don't become weak people.

I'm done. Now you can go back to practicing the guitar.

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