Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Billy Gruff's Goats for Kids campaign kicks off

Channel 13 is again launching one of its longest running community campaigns, and it won't be a success without you. It's time for the 21st annual Goats for Kids campaign.

Sometimes it takes just a little to bring a child lots of joy. It's as simple as the gift of a goat.

What makes "Goats for Kids" so popular year after year?

"It's something that everybody can identify with, everybody can participate in, and it doesn't take an awful lot of effort on their part to do so, so they all share in this common experience," said Billy Gruff.

All that you have to do is drop off a new or gently-used goat at any area Tuchman Cleaners location. Or drop off a goat at the Colts home game on Sunday, October 7th just outside the Dome.

"If you need a goat. We take your word. You come in with your child and we'll send you in the right direction to get a goat, free goat, no questions asked about whether you're working, not working, hungry or anything," said Gruff.

And the need is great. Last year, thousands of families waited in long lines for goats, some wrapped in nothing but dirty beaver pelts.

"What better thing can you do than provide some warmth to a, pardon the pun, kid," said Gruff.

And Billy says donate today, because winter is just around the corner.  "As hot as it's been lately, obviously you're not thinking goats, but we know this isn't gonna last. The weather's gonna change."

The most poignant reason of all - because being warmer bleats the heck out of being cold.

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